From sketch to print

For as long as I can remember, I have been fascinated by printmaking. I have been in awe of beautiful steel printing presses since I first saw one. There is something about the semi-industrial nature of the art form, the possibilities in repetition, and the beautiful thick textured paper that is usually used, that just draws me in. I want to put my images on that paper using those beautiful machines and centuries old methods. Continue reading

Drawing (with) a crowd…

My favourite things to draw are people, not people posing, but people living out their lives – strolling together, drinking tea, reading on the train, speedily walking to work or shopping in a market. I love the action, the shapes, the stories that are present in capturing gestures and place together in a single moment. Yet, not only are people famously difficult subjects to draw, without confidence it can be extraordinarily hard to find subjects. These scenes are everywhere, yet actually being comfortable to sit among a crowd and sketch them has been quite a journey… Continue reading