Life drawing – my happy place

There are only a few things in my very nomadic life (in the last 18 years I have lived in 18 houses on 4 different continents) that have been constant. Just before I turned 18, I attended my first ever life drawing class, something a couple of friends and I campaigned for in our year 12 design class. My secondary schooling was poor for anything other than sport. Art was virtually non-existent, but our normal teacher took long service leave, and our fill in, a young and far more enthusiastic and inspired man, helped us convince the school to give us the chance to draw from the model. And, from the first day after school when we stuck brown paper over the windows to prevent curious teenage onlookers, and had our first lesson in life drawing, I was hooked. Continue reading

Drawing (with) a crowd…

My favourite things to draw are people, not people posing, but people living out their lives – strolling together, drinking tea, reading on the train, speedily walking to work or shopping in a market. I love the action, the shapes, the stories that are present in capturing gestures and place together in a single moment. Yet, not only are people famously difficult subjects to draw, without confidence it can be extraordinarily hard to find subjects. These scenes are everywhere, yet actually being comfortable to sit among a crowd and sketch them has been quite a journey… Continue reading