Behind the scenes…

Earlier this year I embarked on perhaps the most terrifying thing I have ever done – making a public and determined effort to fill my life with photography, drawing, illustration, design and printmaking. Although I have always loved and worked on these things, I have always put them second to far ‘safer’ and more secure ways to create a career. This year, however, I have put aside my academic career and have launched my creative small business, and have embraced learning, so much learning.

I have been surprised how terrifying it is to embrace the one thing I have always loved. I have been lucky enough to have filled my life with adventure. My first big trip overseas was as a 19 year old, alone to work in rural Kenya. I have since spent a lot of time travelling and working, often alone, in remote corners of the world with very little local language. I have stood up at international conferences and spoken about my research. I’ve stood up in front of family and friends and got married. I think people see me as brave, yet I feel like nothing I have done until this, required that much bravado. Launching a business and deciding to try to fill my life with the thing I most love, is by far the scariest thing I have ever done.

Luckily, it is also incredibly joyful. My love of making pictures, and all the things I need to learn to keep making new ones, better ones, different ones with different mediums, as well as make websites, and learn to market myself, keeps me motivated to push the fear aside and plough on.

This blog is a place where I plan to share some of the stories and moments behind the scenes of my picture making and business building process. I hope to share the things that inspire me, my experiments, the things I am learning, and just some of the things that fill a creative day.


In the hills near our home in my favourite weather of all – snow!

4 thoughts on “Behind the scenes…

  1. You have so much talent Anna, it is good to see you embracing it and sharing it. We wish you only the very best for all that this field of work has to offer. Well done and good luck!


  2. This is wonderful – a window into creative process by someone as articulate as you is a valuable thing. Not to mention the actual results of your creativity, which always seem to be incredible.


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